Fertility Challenges

Fertility challenges are recognized as a medical condition and the psychological, emotional and spiritual impact has been largely ignored and misunderstood. In a world where most women and men have been socialized to believe that they will one day become parents, a world where the ability to procreate is highly valued, being infertile carries a considerable set of implications. Not only are relationships with spouses, friends, and family members affected, so too are career options and the availability of other satisfying and socially acceptable role options. Within the fertile world, it can be very isolating and painful to be living as an infertile person or couple.
Judith Daniluk, Infertility Survivial Guide

Fertility challenges affect individuals in a variety of ways and can be emotionally devastating. NOC counsellors understand the complex physical and emotional issues. As counsellors working with people challenged by “fertility” our role is to:

  • Help our clients explore feelings of isolation and shame
  • Help our clients manage stress associated with daily life
  • Help bridge gender differences in response to fertility challenges
  • Provide appropriate education as needed
  • Help reduce the strain that fertility struggles can impose on your relationship with partner, family and friends
  • Help clients manage anxiety and depression
  • Help our clients communicate more effectively with their community and treatment providers
  • Incorporate mind/body techniques into the therapy process
  • Assist our clients to develop appropriate support systems
  • Connect clients to complementary alternative therapies as needed

Janna and Karin have been seeing my patients for many years. They are among the most experienced and knowledgeable counsellors in the field of infertility and assisted reproduction in BC.

I refer my patients to them because I know they will be able to openly explore their expectations, hopes, and fears about their fertility and be supported and educated. They leave their sessions empowered to handle the challenges ahead. My patients consistently report what a positive experience their time with Karin and Janna has been.

Beth Taylor, MD, FRCSC Co-Director of Genesis Fertility Centre and Clinical Associate Professor at U.B.C. Vancouver, B.C.