Counselling During Treatment

During this journey your outlook on life and your perception of what your future will be like have probably changed quite a bit. You imagined conceiving naturally, perhaps having a few children and now, years later, your dream has not come true. But that doesn’t mean you can’t become parents. As I tell my infertility patients, if you want to be a parent, somehow, someway, you will. There are many different ways to create a family.
Alice Domar, Conquering Infertility

Individuals and couples may benefit from counselling prior to, during and following Assisted Human Reproduction (AHR). Counselling explores the psychosocial implications of treatment and the moral and ethical dilemmas that come with using one’s own gametes (sperm and egg) as well as third party assistance (sperm donation, egg donation and gestational carriers).

Throughout treatment, the counsellors at NOC can support clients by:


Counselling clients in treatment using donor gametes.

This refers to clients using sperm or egg donation for the purpose of producing a pregnancy, counselling considerations specific to single women and lesbian couples requesting sperm donation, male-factor infertility, known versus anonymous use of donor gametes and surrogacy.

In addition we provide written reports as required within Canada and the United States.