Welcome To New Origins Counselling (noc)

NOC specializes in reproductive counselling. Few situations in life are as difficult and overwhelming as the many fertility challenges our clients face.

Counselling can provide you with the skills needed to face the emotional journey of infertility.

New Origins Counsellors have expertise in the following areas:

NOC also provides counselling for individuals and couples dealing with grief, loss, anxiety, depression, and relationship struggles.

With empathy and understanding, NOC counsellors empower their clients to gain balance and equanimity in their lives.

Infertility has been likened to a prolonged state of grief impacting the social network and emotional well-being of individuals and couples.

We provide our clients with a safe and non-judgmental supportive environment in which healing and growth can occur. We offer continuous support and encouragement every step of the way.

New Origins Counselling
"The labyrinth invites all experiences into its center be it grief, loss, loneliness, wonder... Walking the labyrinth is the way to listen to our inner self: as we walk this space we are reminded of the twists and turns of our life."
S. Scott